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Our future is in your hands.

The Religious Brothers Conference is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization. We are completely sustained by the generosity of our benefactors and members. If you would like to support the RBC and help us promote the Brother vocation, please consider making a donation or arranging an estate gift.

The RBC is the only organization devoted exclusively to the promotion of Brother vocations. We host an annual conference for our members, provide a crucial forum for Brothers to communicate with each other, maintain historical archives, encourage peer support and mentorship, and collect resources for Brothers in formation and their directors.

Your gift or donation directly supports RBC communications, outreach, and promotion. Our board members provide for their own travel and accommodations for the two annual board meetings and we practice frugality with all of our resources.

Donations may be made via Paypal or mailed check. If you designate the RBC as a beneficiary of your estate please let us know by calling us or informing us in writing. You can also support the RBC by becoming a member and telling others about our website.

Thank you for your generosity!