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Take Part in Our Mission

Raising awareness of the Brother vocation is the most important thing we do, and you can help in three ways:

Talk about Brother vocations.

When you pray for vocations in your parish or church group make sure to mention the Brothers by name. Many people know very little about religious Brothers and mentioning us is a great way to promote our way of life. If you minister to a youth group make sure to include information about Brothers when you discuss vocations in the Church. Use our website as a resources and direct others to it freely. And always let others know that a life as a Brother is a life well spent.

Encourage new Brothers.

If you know a man who may be discerning his vocation talk to him about life as a Brother. There are many ways to live the Brother vocation–some Brothers are monastic while others are apostolic. Brothers can work in professional, educational, community, or parish settings and there is great diversity in the ways in which Brothers minister. Many Brothers are blessed with opportunities to place their minds, hearts, and hands in the service of others. Our resources page includes a list of all men’s religious communities in the U.S. as well as a number of essays and articles that men in discernment will find helpful and informative.

Tell someone about the RBC.

The RBC needs your help in promoting itself! Tell someone about our website. Tell someone about our annual convention. Follow us on Twitter. Like us on Facebook. And feel free to share links to our website.