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Who Are My Brothers?

Who are my Brothers? Cleric-Lay Relationships in Men’s Religious Communities
Edited by Br. Philip Armstrong, CSC
Published by Alba House
New York, 1988

229 pages: 11 essays, 1 research report

From the cover:
“A study of the relationships experienced between clerical and lay religious in men’s
congregations in the United States of America, sponsored by the Conference of
Major Superiors of Men.”

Copies are available on Amazon.com and through most interlibrary loan programs.





     BlessBAed Ambiguity: Brothers in the Church
Edited by Br. Michael F. Meister, FSC
Published by Christian Brothers Publications for the Christian Brothers Conference
Sponsored by the Christian Brothers Conference, Conference of
Major Superiors of Men, and the National Assembly of Religious Brothers

263 pages, 16 essays
St. Mary’s Press, 1993
ISBN 1-884904-00-9
Copies are available from Christian Brothers. To order, please contact:

Ms. Stephanie Trahan,  AFSC                stephanietrahan@yahoo.com
De La Salle Bookstore                              office: 337.235.3576
1522 Carmel Drive                                     fax:      337.261.0765
Lafayette, LA 70501



Brothers: An Inside Look.

By Br. Larry Schatz, FSC

Copyright: Jan. 1, 2002

Format: Stitched

Size: 6 x 9

Length: 72 pages

ISBN: 978-0-88489-721-7

Available from St. Mary’s Press.