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Men’s Religious Communities in the U.S.

Brothers in the Church today belong to one of two types of communities. Communities in which all (or most) of the members are lay religious (Brothers) are known as Lay Institutes. Other communities are composed of a “mixed” membership: the men in these communities may be lay religious (Brothers) or they may be priests, deacons, or seminarians. These communities are known formally as Clerical Institutes but are often referred to simply as Mixed Institutes. In many mixed institutes the priests, seminarians, and deacons far outnumber the religious Brothers.  The following is a list of all active communities which include religious Brothers in their membership. Community initials follow in parentheses.

NOTE: If you don’t see your community listed below or if we to make a correction please email us.


Alexian Brothers (CFA)

Brigittine Monks (OSsS)

Brotherhood of Hope (BH)

Brothers of Charity (FC)

Brothers of Christian Instruction (FIC)

Brothers of Mercy (FMM)

Brothers of Our Lady Mother of Mercy (CFMM)

Brothers of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary (FSR)

Brothers of St. Patrick (FSP)

Brothers of St. Pius X (CSPX)

Brothers of Christian Schools (FSC)

Brothers of the Holy Eucharist (FSE)

Brothers of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM)

Brothers of the Poor of St. Francis (CFP)

Brothers of the Sacred Heart (SC)

Christian Brothers – Bl. Edmund Rice (CFC

Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn (OSF)

Franciscan Brothers of Peace (FBP)

Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross (FFSC)

Franciscan Missionary Brothers (OFM)

Holy Cross Brothers (CSC)

Hospitaller Brothers of St. John of God (OH)

Knights of the Holy Eucharist

Little Brothers of St. Francis (LBSF)

Marist Brothers (FMS)

Missionary Brothers of Charity (MC)

Presentation Brothers (FPM)

Xaverian Brothers (CFX)


Assumptionists (AA)

Augustinian Recollects (OAR)

Augustinians (OSA)

Benedictines (OSB)

Benedictines, Camaldolese Congregation (OSB Cam.)

Blessed Sacrament Fathers & Brothers (SSS)

Byzantine Monks of Holy Resurrection

Camillian Fathers & Brothers (OS Cam.)

Caphuchin Friars (OFM Cap.)

Carmelite Friars (O. Carm.)

Carthusians (O.Cart.)

Cistercian Monks (O. Cist.))

Claretian Missionaries (CMF)

Columbans (SSC)

Comboni Missionaries (MCCJ)

Consolata Missionaries (IMC)

Conventual Franciscans (OFM Conv.)

Crosier Fathers & Brothers (OSC)

Divine Word Missionaries (SVD)

Discalced Carmelite Friars (OCD)

Dominicans (OP)

Franciscan Friars of the Atonement (SA)

Franciscans (OFM)

Franciscan Brothers of the Third Order Regular (OSF)

Glenmary Home Missioners (GHM)

Jesuits (SJ)

Josephites (SSJ)

Marianists (SM)

Mariannhill Fathers & Brothers (CMM)

Marist Fathers & Brothers (CMM)

Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers (MM)

Mercedarians (O de M)

Mill Hill Missionaries (MHM)

Missionaries of Africa (M. Afr.)

Missionaries of Jesus (MJ)

Missionaries of La Salette (MS)

Missionaries of the Holy Apostles (MSA)

Missionaries of the Holy Family (MSF)

Missionaries of the Precious Blood (CPpS)

Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity  (ST)

Monks of Mount Tabor

Montfort Missionaries (SMM)

Norbertines (O. Praem.)

Oblates of St. Mary Immaculate (OMI)

Oblates of St. Francis de Sales (OSFS)

Oblates of St. Joseph (OSJ)

Oblates of the Virgin Mary (OMV)

Oratorians (CO)

Order of St. Basil the Great (OSBM)

Pallotine Fathers & Brothers (SAC)

Paracletes (SP)

Passionists (CP)

Pauline Fathers & Brothers (SSP)

PIME Missionaries (PIME)

Priests of the Sacred Heart (SCJ)

Redemptorists (CSsR)

Resurrectionists (CR)

Sacred Heart Missionaries (MSC)

Salesians (SDB)

Salvatorian Priests & Brothers (SDS)

Scalabrinians (CS)

Servants of Charity (SC)

Servites (OSM)

Sons of Divine Providence (FDP)

Sons of Mary Missionary Society (FMSI)

Spiritans (CSSp)

Stigmatine Fathers & Brothers (CSS)

Third Order Regular of St. Francis (TOR)

Trappists (OCSO)

Trinitarians (OSST)

Viatorians (CSV)

Vincentians (CM)