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History of RBC Assemblies

Year        Location                                                   Theme                                                            Presenter

1972        Clarkston, MI                                      Constitutional Assembly                                 Br. Robert Francoeur, FIC

1973        Washington, DC                      Ministry: Response to the Gospel                           Br. Nivard Scheel, CFX

1974         St. Louis, MO                                               Prayer                                                     Br. David Stiendl-Rast, OSB

1975         San Francisco, CA                                  Reconciliation                                                Br. John Dondero, FSC

1976         Philadelphia, PA                             Hunger for Brotherhood                                      Br. Albert Grosskopf, SJ

1977        Providence, RI                          Sexuality: The Celibate’s Response                            Br. Charles Henry, FSC

1978        Dayton, OH                                    New Ministries – New Life                                     Sr. Mary Finn, HVM

1979        New Orleans, LA                  To Act Justly, Love Tenderly and Walk Humbly       Sr. Marjorie Tuite, OP

1980       Detroit, MI                                       Call To Brotherhood                                                 Fr. James Ratigan

1981      Boston, MA                            A Point of Turning: Brothers in the 80’s                    Br. Martin Helldorfer, FSC

1982      San Francisco, CA                          If You Will Be My Disciple…                                    Br. Mark Murphy, FSC

1983      Washington, DC               Networking Prophets & Peacemakers in the 80’s              Bishop Walter Sullivan

1984       Chicago, IL                             Brothers: Creating the Third Millennium                     Br. Sean Sammon, FMS

1985       New York, NY                       Brothers as Healer, Enabler, Proclaimer               Sr. Claire Fitzgerald, SSND

1986       San Antonio, TX                             Community and Culture                                       Archbishop Patrick Flores

1987       St. Louis, MO                                   Unique Spirituality For Ministry                                 Fr. Howard Gray, SJ

1988      St. Paul, MN            Collage of Possibilities: Exploring the Brother’s Vocation      Br. Robert McCann, FSC

1989      New Orleans, LA                          Challenging Brother for the Future                       Br. Loughlan Sofield, ST

1990      San Francisco, CA                           Prayer: Wellspring at the Center                    Br. David Steindl-Rast, OSB

1991       Chicago, IL                                    Intimacy, Sexuality, and Celibacy                          Br. Sean Sammon, FMS

1992      Baltimore, MD                     Brothers in the Church: Dying or Daring                     Sr. Miriam Ukeritis, CSJ

1993     Los Angeles, CA             Faces of Challenge: Issues of Cross Cultural Ministry                         Team

1994     New Rochelle, NY                          New Wine for New Wineskins                                           Mr. Tom Zanzig

1995     San Antonio, TX                   Brother: A Gift to the Collaborative Church            Br. Loughlan Sofield, ST

1996     Chicago, IL                              Celebrating Brothers                   Fr. Gerald Brown, SS, Br. Damian Carroll, CP,

                                                                                                                                           and Br. Edward Coughlin, OFM

1997     San Francisco              Spirituality on the Threshold of the Third Millenium        Bishop Kenneth E. Untener

1998     New Orleans, LA                       Peaceful Center, Peaceful Action                                   Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ

1999     Washington DC                                 To Brother is to Serve                                          Sr. Dianna Ortiz, OSU

2000     St. Louis, MO          Proclaiming God’s Favor Through Brotherhood           Br. Armand Alcazar, FSC and

                                                                                                                                                             Br. Jeffrey Gros, FSC

2001      Tampa, FL                  Growing From Our Blessings             Br. Stephen Glodek, SM & Bishop Robert Lynch

2002     Cambridge, MA                     Bringing Our Gifts to Light                                            Fr. Tony Gittins, CSSp

2003     Albuquerque, NM                    Proclaim Brotherhood                  Mr. Alexander Shaia & Fr. William Jarema

2004     Atlanta, GA                 Brothers: Bridge Builders in a Diverse Church                      Fr. Gary Riebe, SVD

2005     Denver, CO                                 Brothers as Spiritual Mentors                                    Br. James R. Zullo, FSC

2006     Dallas, TX                             Brothers as Collaborators in Ministry                           Br. Loughlan Sofield, ST

2007     St. Louis, MO                 In the Footsteps of Christ Our Brother    Br. Stephen Glodek & Sr. Mary Bendyna

2008    St. Louis, MO                  In Our Own Backyards                                                  Fr. Allan Figueroa Deck, SJ

2009    St. Louis, MO                        Leaving Our Own Backyards                                  Fr. Allan Figueroa Deck, SJ

2010    St. Louis, MO                       The Brother’s Vocation in the World Today                       Br. Sean Sammon, FMS

2011    St. Louis, MO          The Future of Religious Life – Prophetic Life of the Brother         Br. Kevin Griffith, CFC

2012   St. Louis, MO                             Brothers: Models of Discipleship                                    Br. Sean Sammon, FMS

2013    New Orleans, LA                      Brothers: Instruments of Charity                                     Br. Angel Mendoza, OP

                                                                                                                                                                       Sr. Jamie Phelps, OP

2014    New Orleans, LA                      Brotherhood: Distinct and Diverse                                   Br. Mark McVann, FSC

2015   Marriottsville, MD           Brotherhood: Today’s Reality, Tomorrow’s Hope                   Fr. John Pavlik, OFM Cap.

2016   Racine, WI                         Brothers: Missionaries of Mercy                                                Stephen Bevans, SVD

                                                                                                                                                                     Barbara Reid, OP

2017  Sierra Madre, CA               Brothers:  Ministers at the Margins                            Fr. Greg Boyle, SJ; Darlene Pryds, PhD

2018  Potomac, MD          The Zealous Brother          Brother John Mark Falkenhain, OSB

2019  San Antonio, TX     Rebooting Our Mission:  Youth in Dialogue with the Brothers    Brother Armand Alcazar, FSC

2020  Postponed due to Pandemic

2021  Virtual via Zoom   Brotherhood in the 21st Century  Brother Mickey McGrath, OSFS

2022   Sierra Madre, CA     Religious Life Going Forward     Sister Rosalia Meza, VDMF

2023    Attleboro, MA     Undoing Racism     Sister Melinda Pellerin, SSJ